Kavaïté-Alfandari, Alanté

Kavaïté-Alfandari, Alanté
(Alanté Kavaliauskaité / April 9, 1973, Vilnius, Lithuania-)
   In 1992, she began her professional career in Lithua­nia starring in Jazz (Raimundas Banionis). Then she decided to resume her studies and went to France, where she graduated from the National School of Plastic Arts of Avignon and attended L'Ecole Nation­ale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris (National Su­perior Art School of Paris). She directed institutional films and trailers before collaborating as an editor with Pavel Lounguine (1998 Un Siècle d'Ecrivains, TV documentary, episode "Maiakovski"; Les Passions selon Marcos, documentary; Tournament of Shadows, documentary, also script supervisor). After directing her first documentary (You're Maybe Sitting Next to a Satanist), she filmed her first short, La Carpe.
2002 ◘ La Carpe (short; also screenwriter, editor)
2007 ◘ Ecoute le Temps (also screenwriter, dialogist, shot in 2005)
 Television Filmography
1997 ◘ You're Maybe Sitting Next to a Satanist (documentary short; co-director with Antoine Sim-kine; also co-producer, co-cinematographer, co-editor)
2001 ◘ Boris Eltsine, l'Enfance d'un Chef (documentary; co-director with Daniel Leconte)

Encyclopedia of French film directors . . 2011.

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