Launois, Bernard

Launois, Bernard
(April 8, 1930, Mézières, Ardennes, France - )
   After two years of pharmacy studies, he switched to cinema and landed a job as a trainee editor and then briefly served as an assistant. In 1953, he joined the Paramount programming department in Paris. Dur­ing the 1960s, he managed two movie theaters and worked for various release and production companies (Parafrance, Comacico, Cinemarc, Sedimo). In 1979, he created his own society, Lancaster, which financed his comedies. He also edited about seventy trailers and played small parts (1971 Caroline Mannequin nu, Dan Simon = Daniel Lesoeur, shot in 1970, France / Belgium; Fieras sin jaula / Due maschi per Alexa / US video: Two Males for Alexa, Juan Logar = Juan Lopez Garcia, Spain / Italy; 1973 Pigalle, Carrefour des illusions, Peter Knight = Pierre Chevalier; shot in 1971; 1977 Une Cage dorée / Razzia sur le Plaisir, A. M. F. Frank = Marius Lesoeur, shot in 1976). In 1987, he founded a new company, Delta Films, and bought a movie theater complex of four screens. He also played small parts under the pseudonym of Bob Gary in about ten films (1956 Pitié pour les Vamps, Jean Jospovici; 1970 Cain de nulle Part / USA: Cain from Nowhere, Daniel Daërt; Le Voyageur / UK: S for Sex, Daniel Daërt; 1971 L'Homme qui vient de la Nuit, Jean-Claude Dague; Chaleurs / La Femme créa l'Amant, Daniel Daërt; 1972 Justine de Sade / Justine / UK: Justine de Sade / USA: The Violation of Justine, Claude Pierson, France / Italy / Canada; 1973 Le Dingue, Daniel Daërt; Pigalle, Car­refour des illusions, Pierre Chevalier, shot in 1971).
        ◘ Lâchez les Chiennes! (also screenwriter, adapter, dialogist, co-producer; shot in 1972)
        ◘ Les Dépravés du Plaisir
        ◘ Les Machines à Sous (also screenwriter, producer)
1980 ◘ Sacrés Gendarmes (also screenwriter, adapter, dialogist)
        ◘ Touch' pas à mon Biniou (also screenwriter, adapter, dialogist, producer)
1985 ◘ il était une Fois le Diable / USA: Devil's Story (also screenwriter)

Encyclopedia of French film directors . . 2011.

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