Plaissetty, René

Plaissetty, René
(March 7, 1889, Chicago, Il­linois, USA-January 4, 1955, New York, New York, USA)
   Of Italian descent, he was the son of a French aris­tocrat mother. Having arrived in France in 1907, he created two production film companies in 1913, Filma and Plaissetty & Compagnie, which produced his first movie (La Trace). An American citizen, he left France in the early days of World War I and lived and worked for a couple of years in New York and Philadelphia. Having returned to France in 1916, he got in touch with Charles Pathé and directed several movies for the Société cinématographique des Auteurs et Gens de Lettres. In 1919, he founded a new society, L'Usine René Plaissetty. The following year, he began filming in Great Britain. A few American and French movies later, he gave up his directing career at age forty-three and faded into obscurity. Other credit (as actor): 1943 Mission to Moscow (uncredited, Michael Curtiz).
1914 ◘ A Tire d'Aile (also producer)
        ◘ La Trace (also producer)
        ◘ Le Legs (also producer)
        ◘ La Main invisible (also producer)
        ◘ Her Great Match (USA)
        ◘ The Wonderful Wager (USA)
        ◘ The Heart's Tribute (USA)
        ◘ L'Heure sincère (three parts)
        ◘ Le Hussard
        ◘ Le Vol suprême
1918 ◘ Le Masque d'Amour / Le Masque de l'Amour (two parts: "Le Marquis de Valcor", "Madame de Ferneuse")
        ◘ Une Etoile de Cinéma Serpentin Janissaire
1919 ◘ Chignole (the movie was rereleased in 1928 with a new prologue and epilogue)
        ◘ Une Etoile de Cinéma
1920 ◘ Vers l'Argent
        ◘ The Yellow Claw (USA)
1921 ◘ The Woman with the Fan (USA)
        ◘ The Knave of Diamonds (USA)
        ◘ The Four Feathers (USA)
        ◘ The Broken Road (USA)
        ◘ Mon P'tit (also screenwriter)
        ◘ L'Ile sans Nom
1926 ◘ Le Faiseur de Statuettes (also screenwriter)
1932 ◘ Chair ardente (also screenwriter, adapter, dialogist)

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