Vadim, Roger

Vadim, Roger
(Roger Vadim Plemiannikov / Janu­ary 26, 1928, Paris, France - February 11, 2000, Paris, France)
   The son of an Ukrainian-Russian aristocrat and diplo­mat and French actress Marie-Antoinette Ardilouse, he studied dramatic art with Charles Dullin and played onstage from 1944 to 1947. While still a reporter and photographer at Paris-Match, he entered films as an assistant director to Marc Allégret (1948 Blanche Fury, UK; 1953 Juliette / Julietta, France / Italy), for whom he also wrote dialogue (1950 Maria Chapdelaine / UK and USA: The Naked Heart, also actor, France / UK), adaptations (1951 Blackmailed, UK; 1952 La Demoiselle et son Revenant, 1955 Futures Vedettes / UK: Sweet Six­teen / Joy of Living / USA: School for Love / Joy of Loving, also actor), and screenplays (1954 Lamante di Paride / Ueterna femmina / UK: The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships, Italy; 1956 En effeuillant la Marguerite / UK: Mam'selle Striptease / USA: Please, Mr. Balzac / Plucking the Daisy, as co-screenwriter, co-adapter, dialogist; 1962 Les Parisiennes / Le Parigine / USA: Tales of Paris, episode "Ella", as co-screenwriter, dialogist, France / Italy). Married to Brigitte Bardot from 1952, he wrote a comedy for her (1956 Cette Sacrée Gamine / USA: Mamzelle Pigalle / Naughty Girl / The Naughty Girl, as co-screenwriter, co-adapter, dialogist, Michel Boisrond) before she starred in the first movie he directed (Et Dieu . .. créa la Femme). He was also an assistant director to Jean Cocteau (1960 Le Testa­ment d'Orphée, ou Ne me demandez pas pourquoi / Le Testament d'Orphée / USA: The Testament of Orpheus, also actor), producer of a short (1961 C'est ça la Vie, Claude Choublier) and a feature-length (1962 Et Satan conduit le Bal, also co-screenwriter, co-dialogist, Grisha M. Dabat), technical adviser (1963 Les Grands Chemins / Il baro / UK and USA: Of Flesh and Blood, Christian Marquand, France / Italy), actor (1952 Avec André Gide, documentary, as himself, Marc Allégret; Les Dents longues, Daniel Gélin; 1961 Cause toujours, mon Lapin, Guy Lefranc; 1963 Dragées au poivre / Confetti al pepe / UK and USA: Sweet and Sour / USA: The Sweet and the Bitter, Jacques Baratier, France / Italy; 1965 Le Reflux, Paul Gégauff, shot in 1961; 1967 Le Désordre a Vingt Ans / USA: Disorder Is 20 Years Old, documentary, Jacques Baratier; 1972 Ciao Manhattan, John Palmer, David Weisman, USA; 1981 Rich and Famous, George Cukor, USA; 1985 Into the Night, John Landis, USA), and novelist (1982 L'Ange affamé, Editions Robert Laffont; 1994 Le Fou amoureux, Editions Fixot). He authored several autobiographies: Mémoires du Diable (Stock, 1975); D'une Etoile l'Autre / USA: From One Star to the Next (Seine, 1987); Le Goût du Bonheur—Souvenirs 1940-58 (Editions Fixot, 1993). He was married to actresses Brigitte Bardot (1952-1957), Annette Stroy-berg (1958-1960), and Jane Fonda (1965-1973).
1956 ◘ Et Dieu . . . créa la Femme / E Dio creo la donna / Piace a troppi / UK: And Woman . . . Was Created / USA: . . . And God Created Woman (also co-screenwriter, adapter, dialogist, actor; France / Italy)
        ◘ Sait-on jamais . . . / Un colpo da due miliardi / USA: No Sun in Venice (also screenwriter, dialogist; France / Italy)
        ◘ Les Bijoutiers du Clair de Lune / Gli amanti del chiaro di luna / UK: Heaven Fell That Night / USA: The Night Heaven Fell (also co-screenwriter, co-adapter, co-dialogist; France / Italy)
        ◘ Les Liaisons dangereuses 1960/ Relazioni perico-lose / UK: Les liaisons dangereuses / Dangerous Liaisons / USA: Dangerous Love Affairs (also co-screenwriter, co-adapter; France / Italy)
        ◘ Et mourir de Plaisir / Il sangue e la rosa / UK and USA: Blood and Roses (also co-screenwriter, co-adapter, co-dialogist; France / Italy)
        ◘ La Bride sur le Cou / A briglia sciolta / UK and USA: Please, Not Now! / USA: Only for Love (also co-screenwriter, co-adapter; France / Italy)
        ◘ Les Sept Péchés capitaux / I sette peccato capitali / UK: The Seven Capital Sins / USA: The Seven Deadly Sins (segment "L'Orgueil" / "L'orgoglio" / "The Pride"; France / Italy)
        ◘ Le Repos du Guerrier / Il riposo del guerriero / UK: Warrior's Rest / USA: Love on a Pillow (also co-screenwriter, co-adapter, dialogist; France / Italy)
1963 ◘ Le Vice et la Vertu / Il vizio e la virtù / UK and USA: Vice and Virtue (also co-screenwriter, co-adapter, producer; France / Italy)
        ◘ Château en Suède / Il castello in svezia / USA: Naughty, Naughty Chateau (also screenwriter, adapter; France / Italy)
1964 ◘ La Ronde / Il piacere e l'amore / USA: Circle of Love (France / Italy)
1966 ◘ La Curée / La calda preda / UK: Tears of Rap­ture / UK and USA: The Game Is Over (also co-screenwriter, co-adapter, producer; France / Italy)
1968 ◘ Barbarella (also co-screenwriter, co-adapter, dialogist; France / Italy)
        ◘ Histoires extraordinaires / Tre passi nel delirio / UK: Tales of Mystery and Imagination / USA: Spirits of the Dead (also co-screenwriter, co-adapter; segment "Metzengerstein"; France / Italy)
        ◘ Pretty Maids All in a Row (USA)
        ◘ Helle (also co-screenwriter)
        ◘ Don Juan 73 / Una donna come me / UK: Don Juan, or If Don Juan Were a Woman / USA: Don Juan 73 / Ms. Don Juan (also co-screenwriter; France / Italy)
        ◘ La Jeune Fille assassinée / Una vita bruciata / Ein wildes Leben / Canada and USA: Charlotte (also screenwriter, dialogist, actor; France / Italy / West Germany)
1976 ◘ Une Femme fidèle / UK: When a Woman in Love . . . / USA: Game of Seduction (also co-screenwriter)
1980 ◘ Night Games / Love Games / Jeux érotiques de Nuit (USA / France; shot in 1978)
        ◘ Hot Touch / Coup de Maître (Canada / USA; shot in 1980)
        ◘ Surprise-Party (also screenwriter, adapter, di-alogist, voice)
1988 ◘ And God Created Woman (also uncredited actor; USA)
 Television Filmography
1977 ◘ Bonheur, Impasse et passe
1984 ◘ Faerie Tale Theatre / Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale
        ◘ Theatre (episode "Beauty and the Beast"; USA)
1986 ◘ The Hitchhiker / Le Voyageur / UK: Deadly Night-mares (episode "Dead Man's Curve"; Canada / USA / France)
1991 ◘ Safari (Italy)
1993 ◘ L'Amour fou (also screenwriter)
        ◘ La Nouvelle Tribu (TV miniseries)
        ◘ Mon Père avait raison
        ◘ Un Coup de Baguette magique (also screenwriter)

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