Brillat, Xavier

Brillat, Xavier
(March 25, 1965, Paris, France - )
   From 1979 to 1981, he lived in Tokyo, Japan. Hav­ing graduated with a diploma in modern letters, he worked as an assistant director for films (1989 Un Dîner avec Mr Boy et la Femme qui aime Jésus, short, Pascale Ferran) and TV (1987 Les Prisonniers de la Dame à la Licorne, documentary, Pierre Trividic; 1989 Réflexions sur la Puissance motrice de l'Amour, documentary, Pierre Trividic; 1998 Un Siècle d'Ecrivains, documentary, episode "Le Cas Howard Philips Love-craft", co-director with Xavier Brillat, PierreTrividic; 2000 Un Siècle d'Ecrivains, documentary, episode "Un parmi eux: Georges Pérec", Pierre-Oscar Lévy). He is mostly a TV director.
2001 ◘ Ceci est une Pipe (short; co-director with Patrick Mario Bernard, Pierre Trividic)
2003 ◘ Dancing (co-director with Patrick-Mario Ber­nard, Pierre Trividic; also co-cinematographer)
 Television Filmography
1990 ◘ Ali Nikiema, Sculpteur Burkinabe (documentary; short)
        ◘ Sans Façons de voir le Vélo à Ouagadougou (documentary; short)
1999 ◘ Archimède (documentary; short; episode "La Voix cassée")
        ◘ Archimède (documentary; short; episode "4 Brèves—Sujets sur des Découvertes scien­tifiques")
        ◘ Archimède (documentary; short; episode "Sida-Espoir")
2003 ◘ Fiers d'être unis (8 X 26' documentary)

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