Gianotti, Mika

Gianotti, Mika
   After studying visual anthropology, she learned her craft shooting Super-8 documentaries. She collabo­rated with TV Mondes, a society of programs for cable TV (1985-1993). She also played onstage with the Théâtre Aleph, a Franco-Chilean group managed by Oscar Castro.
2005 ◘ Dans le Sillon du Juge sans Robe (documentary; also screenwriter)
 Television Filmography
1985 ◘ Les Droits des débiteurs (short)
1999 ◘ Enfants à placer (short)
2002 ◘ La Chienne de mon Fils (documentary; short)
        ◘ Famille Zhang, Paris, France (documentary; short)
2004 ◘ Premières Vacances, la Parenthèse (documentary; short)
2006 ◘ Des Juges mènent l'Enquête (documentary; short)

Encyclopedia of French film directors . . 2011.

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